I am always amazed by the behaviors of birds.  There is nothing like watching a

mother feeding her baby.

In the spring we see many migratory birds in Colorado.  These American White Pelicans are here for the summer.

thank you for allowing me to share my Passion with you!

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thank you for allowing me to share my Passion with you!

Nona Radin is a photographer who appreciates many forms of photography.  Her interests are in landscape, nature, wildlife, macro and creative expression.   Nona continues to advance her interests in photography and travels on a regular basis with other photographers that share her interests.  She loves to explore and is always thinking outside the box. 


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This osprey was definitely showing off doing a little dance like motion in search of it's next meal in the lake below. 

Image overlays are one of my favorite effects with multiple images.   "Masked Reflections" is an example of this effect.

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THE Art of Seeing is a gift that can be learned

True works of art are inspired by the imagination

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